Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ok, so then

I was on Ravelry yesterday (no big surprise there) and popped into the Big Issues Debate board where there was a discussion about whether Jon of Jon and Kate Plus Eight (some really lame reality show where you get to watch the carrying ons of a married couple and their eight children only to find out that they are putting on fake "happy personae" for the cameras) is bitching about how he has no personal life now that he is on TV and he can't just be Jon anymore. He has to be Jon the Dad from K&K+8. Whatever. Who cares that his televisionship has afforded his large family the ability to go on vacations, have nicer cars, and be a household name. My response to that was:

I wonder if anyone would be interested in Michelle and her Stash: The story of one woman, her stash and what she knits. Hours and hours of watching a sassy red head knitting row after row of stockinette stitch while trying to finish a sweater she started two years ago. Each episode will feature her progress on her next project and highlight her lovely socks. Think I could get some TV producer to pay my way to Knit Cruise, Stitches South, and Sock Summit?

To which another Raveller, who shall remain nameless since I haven't asked her if I can use her name on my blog, says:

No, but you might get enough subscribers right here on Ravelry to pay your own way. Vicarious knitting!

Think of the possibilities.

We could vote on which project you should do next, what yarn you should use, whether you do or do not have to go back and rip out that row.

We could threaten to pull our subscriptions and force you to do the project from hell. Someone would start a group dedicated to poking fun at how inept you are. People would join in droves. Others would troll by and insert knitncook love threads.

There’d be blow ups and battles between those of us who post amuse bouches about you and your endlessly boring knitting and those who think it’s not so much amusing as bitchy and judgmental. We’d have little acronyms on our avatars to signal where we align…KnCBs!

The more I think about it, the more I think Hell yeah! It would work!

OK, so I'm not trying to get you all to pay my way to Sock Summit, but I love the idea. Seriously, turning over my stash to a bunch of people. Having them tell me what to write. I love the idea that people might actually write about my ineptness (like when I can't figure out how to Pfb, even though I've Pfb before - trust me it was well worth a You Tube video the other day when I couldn't get the needles to work and had to have my 16 year old take them away from me and show me and then I did the old palm face of shame and sent her to her room. I mean isn't that what Jon and Kate would do if their child humiliated them? Not that I've ever seen the show.)

So I'm opening this up to all of you, my dear four readers (Hey, I've doubled in the past six months) to go look at my stash and each month I will make something that you, the readers, pick out. You can comment here or you can send me a PM on Ravelry or, heck, you can start a fan group on Ravelry and have threads telling everyone what you think I should knit. I will, of course, be increasing my stash as I go and I'm going to clear my queue and only put in there what you think I should make with the yarn I have. (Note: The Crystal Palace Panda Wool and the Pagewood Farm Yukon are already dedicated.)


Suna said...

Let us know how it goes. I have enough trouble figuring out what I should do, myself. I don't think I'd be any good telling someone else what to knit. I don't even like suggesting things for students, cause what I like isn't necessarily going to be what they like, LOL. And I don't want to TORTURE anyone!!

Beverly said...

Well, I'd be a fool not to suggest that you use the Debbie Bliss cashmere for a cowl! Perfect when you just want a little something snuggly--I'm a fan of the Forest Canopy Cowl myself.